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About Track and React

From a single vehicle, asset, person, vessel through to fleets or thousands of global travellers we have solutions that can be tailored to fit any requirement.

Whilst our core business is the development and delivery of enterprise level real-time operations room platforms we also offer solutions for small and medium sized companies and private clients.

Our enterprise level real-time operations room platforms range from operational planning, situational awareness and live tracking through to complete tactical/strategic/intelligence driven command and control systems, commonly known as “common operating picture”.

Pivotal to the delivery of these solutions is our expertise in the integration and the output from devices linked to rules based on input variables and alert outputs via online viewers, email, SMS and text to voice solutions.

Our specialties include working with third party databases via API’s, web services or ODBC. We not only map them but also integrate the data with our rules and alert engines.

Working with the hardware providers who have connected devices and are willing to output the data via API’s, due to our communications expertise, we can then trust the data globally via LAN, WAN, GSM, satellite or RF carrier Systems.

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