Asset Management

Asset Management Software

Asset Management SoftwareTrack And React has an integrated Asset Management solution that provides you with an accurate inventory of all IT hardware, equipment and asset within your company .

The functionality offers asset management inventory tracking functionality, letting your line / senior managers know exactly where your equipment is located , who has it and when it was last audited , complete with its total values;

  • Track the complete life cycle of the assets
  • Determine the costs associated to each asset during its life cycle
  • Export the complete ownership of all assets and history for all assets
  • Group assets /equipment
  • Depreciate the value of an asset on a yearly percentage
  • Export Items that have been despatched for repair
  • Tag an assets as to its value IE: fixed asset or consumables
  • Export of all assets to a CSV or PDF file
  • Personal Trackers
  • Asset Trackers
  • Vehicle Trackers
  • Vessel Trackers
  • Mobile Phone Trackers
  • Worldwide GSM Tracking
  • Global Satellite Tracking
  • 24 / 7 Reaction & Alert Escalation Centre
  • Tailored System Integration
  • Non Device Specific Solution
  • Legacy Equipment Integration

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