Global Vessel Tracking

Global Vessel Tracking Software

Global Vessel TrackingWe are able to deliver maritime vessel information, derived from Satellite and terrestrial Automatic Information System (AIS) sources, directly into your Common Operating Picture (COP) in almost real time;

Due to the nature of satellite AIS we are able to track vessels throughout the world including Global High Risk Areas.

In conjunction with the various data feeds and Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds available, including piracy alerts you are able to view your vessels position in relation to recent nearby piracy alerts.

  • Personal Trackers
  • Asset Trackers
  • Vehicle Trackers
  • Vessel Trackers
  • Mobile Phone Trackers
  • Worldwide GSM Tracking
  • Global Satellite Tracking
  • 24 / 7 Reaction & Alert Escalation Centre
  • Tailored System Integration
  • Non Device Specific Solution
  • Legacy Equipment Integration

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