Travel / Itinerary Tracking

travel-iteneraryTrack and React’s personnel tracking and travel risk management service is designed to inform travellers and employees of current security threats before, during and after their trip whilst offering additional protection globally through live tracking.

Through our travel risk management service, we provide detailed journey plans, route recommendations and in-country intelligence that equip travellers with the right information pre-travel. This can be supported by theoretical tracking that uses itinerary information provided by your travel management departments to arrange scheduled two-way SMS and email reporting between Operation Managers and Travellers.

Global live tracking is also available using innovative technology, with a variety of GSM and satellite tracking hardware options available to integrate into the system. Through the use of geo-fencing alerts, safe areas can be established and monitored. Operations staff can be alerted when either safe areas have been breached or personnel have moved from designated routes or areas. The service also allows the user to raise an alarm if they feel at risk.

  • Personal Trackers
  • Asset Trackers
  • Vehicle Trackers
  • Vessel Trackers
  • Mobile Phone Trackers
  • Worldwide GSM Tracking
  • Global Satellite Tracking
  • 24 / 7 Reaction & Alert Escalation Centre
  • Tailored System Integration
  • Non Device Specific Solution
  • Legacy Equipment Integration

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